Strategic Business Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Finance

  • Dashboards

  • Management

  • Strategy

  • Business Analysis

Execute comprehensive analyses of business performance (internal), industry condition (external), and market data (external), using specialized financial systems and tools to garner relevant and critical insights, from which effective operational and financial strategies are developed to maximize revenue opportunities and optimize operational efficiencies. These strategies provide upper level management the information they need to make  tactical decisions that determine how a company should move forward.

Identify and measure key factors that could help or hinder the success of a company, allowing leaders to plan appropriately to leverage strengths and overcome weaknesses, make adjustments to seize opportunities for new markets or products that create revenue, and anticipate and offset potential threats to business success.

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Profit Planning

  • Profit Planning

  • FP&A

  • Periodic Reporting

  • Variance Analysis

  • Pro forma

  • Modelling

Develop profit plans in the pro forma method that incorporate in-depth operating and financial strategies that maximize business profit for an upcoming year(s) or ahead of planned transactions such as an acquisition, merger, change in capital structure, venture capital pitch, or a new capital investment.

Pro forma earnings provide executive leadership, business owners, and investors a more accurate view of the business’ forecasted financial goal, outlook, or likely return on investment, if the underlying assumptions hold true. An annual profit plan is designed down to the line item and by periods, and is a roadmap to success.

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Project Management

  • Project Management

  • Initiative Development

  • Lead Meetings

  • Corporate Finance

  • Lean Sigma

Initiate, plan, execute, control, manage, and close out the work of a finance project, finance team, or department to achieve specific operational and financial goals that meet specific success criteria. Following the PMBOK® Guide for the order of work, develop process documentation, manage people, deliver effective and sustainable solutions, complete the work by a specified time, and achieve both operational efficiencies and quality outcomes.

Project objectives are designed to produce a unique product, service, or result with a defined beginning and end, undertaken to bring about beneficial change or added value that ultimately drive revenue growth, optimize efficiency, and generate quality earnings.

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Project Process Planning


  • Develop the charter
  • Identify all stakeholders


  • Collect high-level requirements
  • Define the scope
  • Determine the budget
  • Prepare the schedule
  • Plan for quality
  • Build the team
  • Prepare a communication plan
  • Manage project risks
  • Plan project procurements

Executing, monitoring and controlling

  • Schedule weekly meetings
  • Assemble a steering committee
  • Keep monitoring risks
  • Ensure project quality
  • Recognize good work
  • Resolve issues quickly
  • Adjust plans accordingly
  • Communicate potential problems
  • Motivate the team


  • Close all contracts
  • Capture lessons learnt

Training/ Coaching/ Development

  • Develop

  • Train

  • Coach

  • Facilitate

  • Design

  • Customized end-to-end training modules

Develop the finance and business acumen of non-finance executives, business owners, and teams, to achieve specific levels of comprehension of financials and key areas of business that help leaders and managers optimize their decision-making.

Design and facilitate customized end-to-end training protocols and executive coaching solutions to client groups, organizations, and non-business professionals, to fine tune their finance and business understanding that close identified knowledge gaps.

Does your group, team, or client base require training on how to effectively manage to their financial goals? Let Anderson Finance Consulting, llc elevate your confidence when addressing all stakeholders. Let us keynote your professional event or design and facilitate customized training, to sharpen the finance acumen and business savvy of your constituents. Book a complimentary consultation today to get started.