Anderson Finance Consulting, llc expands the profit and growth possibilities of small- to mid-sized companies, whether course-correcting from stagnant or declining profits, or growing by new products, new markets, acquisition, or internationally. Our retained Outsourced CFO Services deliver tiered offerings of strategic financial and operational solutions for our clients, maximizing their profits, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. We create superior value in partnership with each company’s leadership, and produce quality and sustainable year-over-year (YOY) earnings growth that meet or exceed company​ objectives.

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Our Services

Business Analysis

Execute comprehensive analyses of business performance (internal), industry condition (external), and market data (external), using specialized financial systems and tools to garner relevant and critical…

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Profit Planning

Develop profit plans in the pro forma method that incorporate in-depth operating and financial strategies that maximize business profit for an upcoming year(s) or ahead of planned transactions such as an acquisition, merger…

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Project Management

Initiate, plan, execute, control, manage, and close out the work of a finance project, finance team, or department to achieve specific operational and financial goals that meet specific success criteria. Following the PMBOK®

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Training & Coaching

Develop the finance and business acumen of non-finance executives, business owners, and teams, to achieve specific levels of comprehension of financials and key areas of business that help leaders and managers…

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